When I grow up………


Although I’m legally considered an adult, I don’t always feel that I’m doing it correctly. Especially when I reflect on life choices. For shame. At almost 30 years old you would imagine there should be a clear path for where my life is headed. Nope. Not even a little. I still have no clue what I wanna do. I imagine my indecisiveness and short attention span are the main reasons for bailing on the idea of college. I could just never commit with absolute certainty to one career path. I wanted to be a lawyer who hosted my own talk show, radio show, and cooking show, while doing my book tour in my food truck and doing stand up on the weekends and teaching English at LSU… Sad thing about it, I still want all of those things except for being a lawyer- no thanks.


Even as a parent myself, I still will never understand why my parents- or any other parents- feel the need to sugarcoat the shit sundae that is life. Why tell children they can be anything they want? Don’t get me wrong I support my children’s hopes and dreams, but only the realistic ones. I have no qualms about letting my 4 year old know she’ll never be Elsa when she grows up. Or Spiderman. I want my kids to find something that they’re excellent at and excel in it. I also absolutely believe that could very well be multiple things. I’m living proof of that. At this current stage of my life I have let too much time pass to achieve EVERYTHING I want to do. I’m still working towards my food truck. Baby steps.


All of my childhood and teenage years I was obsessed with all things literature. The number of books I’ve read is so astronomical I couldn’t begin to guess what it is. I used to write so much. I am actually a published poet thanks to my freshman English teacher in high school. I still read 3-4 books a day if I can manage. And I decided why not start writing again. So I have decided to actively start writing a book. Hopefully my first of many. It’s something I can easily manage around my family and work schedules. I haven’t been this excited since my divorce from my first husband was finalized.


I will be sharing progress and maybe some rough drafts here. Feedback will naturally be appreciated.
Until then… Bye Felicia

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