Same shit, different year…


Well it has been some months since I’ve written anything here. Life has been insane. Some major health issues, a new house, a wedding, lots of holiday nonsense. And I fucking survived it all, albeit barely. Now it is 2015- the year of Marty McFly 🙂 I find it hysterical seeing everyone’s resolutions for this year, more accurately for this month.


I will never understand why people don’t have realistic goals as resolutions. Or why it must be done at the beginning of the year. Yes, January 1st is the only time you can set goals for your life. When I set resolutions they are something I know I will accomplish, I’d never set myself up for failure.


My “New Years resolutions”:


1) Figure out how to handle the power of Dottie (my new Kitchen Aid mixer)


2) Not miss a single episode of all my favorite, trashy, ridiculously awful reality shows (Little Women:LA, Big Women:Big Love, alllllll the Real Housewives, Vanderpump Rules and Friends or Lovers) Thank you TiVo for recording my favorite train wrecks I can’t seem to look away from.


3) Not die from excitement when Walking Dead and King of the Nerds returns.


4) Try my hardest not to kill my smart-ass husband.

I believe those are all extremely attainable goals. They are also not anything I wouldn’t strive for any other time of the year. I am human however, so we’ll see.


I wish everyone the best with their own resolutions!
Until next time.. Bye Felicia!!

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