Ignoring=Stupid… Rant on!


So a certain husband was digging through a laundry basket, whilst talking on the phone. I mean throwing things out of it.
“What are yu looking for? I can tell yu where it is.”
Because, of course, women know everything.
**constipated face**
**weird head shake**
**continues phone conversation and juggling laundry**
“WHAT are yu looking for?!”
**the nonsense continues**
This goes on about 3 more times… at which point I’m getting extremely frustrated. (Side note: it’s laundry day. I literally know where every item of clothing is currently located.)


He finally gets off the phone. So again, I ask the same question.
“What the hell are yu looking for? I will tell yu where it is.”
“Fuck off. I’m not talking to yu.”
“Why?! For trying to help yu?”
“Yur being a dick. I’m not stupid. I have eyes. I can see where stuff is.”
“But if yu tell me what it is, yu don’t have to look.”
**very long silence**
“Oh Lord. Ok, well fuck yu.”


Men. I swear. Daily I’m asked where everything he touches ends up. But when I offer my assistance, I get the equivalent of talking to our 3 year old.


Well what a way to start the day.
Now, this is a small, dumb argument. It was over after 15 more minutes of silence. The language is a regular thing. It’s just how we talk. Like a ship full of drunk sailors with blue balls. We’re vulgar. So, that doesn’t make this silly ass argument any bigger. We don’t consider it disrespectful towards each other. It’s just us. I needed to vent. A little man hating sesh. And thanks to this lovely, little, peach of a blog I can 🙂
Do any other ladies have regular, silly ass arguments with the Ol ball and chain? The ones that make yu want to shake the shit outta them?!
Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

Until next time- Bye Felicia!

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