Hello Clarice..

wpid-dormthumb.jpgHey there, whoever the heck yu are reading this nonsense. I guess I should start off with a lil about myself.. I’m an old soul of a lady. I am a mother/stepmother (same thing) to 2 beautiful little girls. I have a pretty badass man by my side that drives me bat shit crazy at times but loves me just as much. I hope to share some of my wisdom on somethings. Maybe share my day. Maybe tell a hilarious and true story ( I have tons). Maybe some tips on how I do things LIKE A BOSS (cooking, dealing with men, children, and animals, lip sync battles, shower karaoke) Really just whatever I feel like rattling on about. I talk alot, I mean ALOT. My ol man gets tired of hearing me, as most men do.. sooo I figured I’d just word vomit here 🙂 So, for my first post I’m just tryin to learn the ropes on this here site. It’s strange- not knowing what the hell yur doing. It’s like the first time yu try and have sex. I say try because, well, thats all yu can do in that situation. Yes, I’m the awkward wordpress virgin. So for all yu seasoned professional ones, that have been around the wordpress block – bare with me. I am stoked to have an outlet for expression and whatever the hell I feel like talking about. I used to think FB was good for saying whatever I felt like. Nope. I was dead wrong. I’m hoping this is a less drama attracting way to do that. We shall see…….

until next time- Bye Felicia!

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